Saturday, 28 May 2016

Why You Should Never Skimp on Golf Netting

If you run a golf range netting, then you will need high quality golf netting to protect the area around the course. This is particularly important for things like driving ranges, where people will be hitting balls that only have to go short distances.

Golf balls are small and very hard projectiles, and they go very fast when they are hit. They can be incredibly dangerous, so it is important that they are contained. That is why it is essential to buy high quality netting. You do not want the net to rust, decay, or snap after just a little bit of use.

The best nets will last for many years - they are treated so that they always look good and will not suffer from water damage, and they are designed to be able to handle repeated impacts. Some even have reinforced sections in the areas that are most likely to sag or suffer from damage when they are hit - such as the middle of the mesh in a net that is intended to be used at a driving range. They can be painted to suit the rest of the course quite easily.

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